Our Experience.

Our Experience.      
  • Protecting the interests of the customer in the customs authorities;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Legal advice on foreign economic activity;
  • Processing of documents for customs clearance;
  • Calculation of customs duties and taxes;
  • Accreditation of the company in customs authorities;
  • Services for certification of various groups of goods;
  • Execution of sanitary-epidemiological permits
  • Permits the Security Service of Ukraine;
  • Execution of quarantine and phytosanitary permits;
  • Permit the Ukrainian State Center of Radio Frequencies;
  • Registration of licenses and other permits to the licensing authorities;
  • Customs clearance of personal effects of Ukrainian citizens and non-residents;
  • Arranging single-entry permits of the Ministry of Health ;
  • The placement of cargo to the warehouse of temporary storage;